Oktoberfest, the most popular beer festival is just round the corner. This year again a lot of our clients will be joining millions of Germans and tourists at the festival in Munich.

In order to provide a cheaper trip to Munich for domestic clients, we have a special offer for groups. The offer includes 6+1 and 8+1 vehicles such as Renault Grand Scenic, Opel Vivaro, and VW Caravelle. Renting such a vehicle cuts your costs since it is cheaper than driving 2 or 3 vehicles and definitely more fun.

Oktoberfest or ‘Wiesn’, as the Bavarians would say, offers tons of fun throughout 15 large tents able to accommodate up to 120 000 visitors at once. Apart from beer, at an average price of 10 euros, visitors can feast themselves in over 140 restaurants offering domestic food, above all sausages – the perfect combination with beer!

Maybe you will become part of a new Oktoberfest record. In 2004, 5.5 million litres of beer, 35 000 litres of wine, 20 000 bottles of champagne, 200 000 cups of coffee or tea and 700 000 bottles of water or lemonade were consumed, together with 200 000 pairs of sausages, 500 000 chickens, 50 000 fish and 89 bull roasts. The same year 4000 items were lost and the most bizarre ones were Johann Sebastian Bach’s music sheet, a gold tooth and 13 000 old German Marks (Deutsche Mark) found in a pair of pants. The record number of visitors was also in 2014, when 7 million people came to the festival.

See you at Oktoberfest!