FLEET rent a car in collaboration with CO2cut introduced an innovative and comprehensive project of environmental activities in the field of agriculture and forestry in Croatia.

Recently is launched ECO service that allows hiring the most technologically advanced vehicles with reduced CO2 emissions,, the implementation of environmental project FLEET wants to give an additional contribution in the development of so-called 'smart agriculture' and forest control in Croatia.

Since Fleet rent a car operates globally and is present in markets where similar projects are existing, part of the funds will be directed thanks to donations from users to the markets of Australia, Brazil, USA and South Korea, where projects are already implemented for greenhouse gas emissions compensation.

Following the world of innovation, in order to compensate for own ecological imprint, FLEET is leading international consortium for a feasibility study and financing of the first 'Smart Agriculture' project in Croatia. Agricultural land will be cultivated so that greater amounts of carbon and nutrients will be kept in the plough-fields and biomass. The project will be certified with leading carbon "Gold Standard" and additional activities will be based on education and raising awareness of the need for long-term care of the environment on which depends our future and future generations.

All users of FLEET services will have the opportunity, if they wish, to make a donation to this project during the rental service. Primarily rent users with ECO services while users of vehicles with reduced CO2 emissions will donate funds through the rent due to the fact that the FLEET waives income for the stated purposes.