ECO certificate 2015.

In 2013 FLEET invested in ECO rent a car service which is based on technologically advanced vehicles with reduced CO2 emissions (below 99g / km CO2).

In collaboration with the Zagreb-London based company CO2cut, emissions of ECO fleet in 2014 were compensated through environmental projects in Australia, Brazil, the US and South Korea. In Australia, we have invested in a project that conserves Tasmanian forests threatened with destruction, in Brazilian biogas plant in the region of Minas Gerais, and in both Korea (Daegu Bangcheon) and the United States (Rochelle, Illinois) in limiting emissions of the greenhouse gas 'methane' from landfills. By investing in those projects located on four continents, Fleet became the proud owner of CO2cut certificate for 2014. 

In 2015 together with the Hyundai Green Power Co. We are investing in a Korean project that employs 900 local people, reduces pollution from industrial gases, and eliminates about 1.8 million tons of CO2 emissions. This project is certified by rigorous Voluntary Carbon Standard. In 2015 we performed a detailed assessment and we offset 670 tons of CO2 emissions from our ECO vehicles. Our ECO fleet is completely carbon-neutral in 2015. 

Once again, we have proved that we are a socially and environmentally responsible company which is actively reducing our environmental footprint all over the world.

FLEET rent-a-car completely carbon neutral in 2015? 
FLEET is a leading rent a car company in the region with a total fleet of 2000 vehicles and the only CO2 neutral rent a car company in Europe. We believe that joint efforts with our customers will result with the CO2 neutrality to each and every of 2000 vehicles in our fleet.  

Consequently, FLEET invites customers to make their rental CO2 neutral with a minimal investment. Regardless of whether you rent a tiny Smart or the most luxurious Mercedes S Class, your travel does not have to harm the environment! If you do not rent one of our ECO vehicles, you can still fullfil the offset of the CO2 emissions with a minimum cost of € 1 per rental.

According to a new survey of London’s Imperial College and ICROA (the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance) offsetting one tone of carbon dioxide brings an additional $664 in benefits to the communities in which carbon reduction projects are based. The research demonstrates how purchasing a carbon credits creates an economic development opportunities, aids environmental conservation and helps improve people’s lives by delivering household savings, health benefits and improving water resources, among other social benefits. More

CO2cut, with sales offices in London, was founded with the mission to actively participate in 'greening' the global economy and with a vision of an ecologically balanced world order.