1. General

1.1. This privacy policy notice (hereinafter: the Notice) is based on the General Data Protection Regulation in force since 25th May 2018. By using FLEET products and services, You trust us with Your personal information. This Notice defines the type of data, purpose and manner in which information is collected and processed by FLEET in addition to Your rights regarding Your personal data.

1.2. Data collection and processing is the responsibility of: FLEET rent a car d.o.o. Andrije Hebranga 32, 10 000 Zagreb; PIN (OIB): 59504443231; Telephone: +385 1 5532 222

1.3. The Data Protection Trustee is accessible via contact email: [email protected]

1.4. FLEET is responsible for data protection even in cases when data processing is outsourced. When data processing is outsourced to non-EU countries, FLEET shall check and verify approval of EU commission; i.e. whether the company guarantees data protection in compliance with GDPR.

2. Data processing

2.1. FLEET shall process all Your personal data provided for reservations, rental contracts and additional changes to offers and agreements, in compliance with the European GDPR for Your benefit and at Your request based on your consent. Consent is given when providing data personally or through a third party (agency, business partner or other legal entity) for the purpose of pre-contracting and contracting activities in connection with rental or other agreements with FLEET as a business partner, in the following cases. When You wish to: sign a rental agreement, request an offer, reserve a vehicle, or require any other kind of business cooperation with FLEET- as a client (lessee), legal representative or person authorised by the client.

2.2. In case You use or browse our website by previously providing personal data, this data is considered given to FLEET freely and with consent to be used for the original purpose intended. If no data is provided for using and browsing the website, then You are browsing anonymously, therefore no data is collected by FLEET. FLEET may in any case save some data exclusively for safety or analytical purposes, which is processed without the possibility of Your identification. FLEET protects Your personal data from unauthorised access, use or sharing. Data on servers is saved in a controlled and safe environment, protected from unauthorized access, use or sharing.

3. Purpose of data processing

3.1. FLEET shall process personal data for the purpose of contract fulfilment based on the law in order to comply with rules and regulations, in cases when there is a legitimate interest by FLEET and approval form You.

3.2. FLEET shall process your personal data for the purpose of contract fulfilment, i.e. in order to proceed with activities necessary for contract realization with FLEET.

3.3. In order to fulfil its legal requirements FLEET shall handle data processing according to such regulations.

3.4. FLEET has a legitimate need for data processing prior to, during and after contract agreements in cases of:

a) insuring rental vehicles, pre-authorization and authorization of credit card payment of rental costs and other expenses regarding vehicle rentals, claims/damages and other expenses all in compliance with legal requirements connected to using FLEET;

b) requiring, achieving and protecting legal rights of FLEET.

c) entitlement to protect its due but unpaid debts (receivables) and initiating legal proceedings for payment of such receivables and for the purpose of FLEET's insurance of honouring such receivables.

d) reporting, auditing, controlling and bookkeeping records

e) performing and ensuring payment

f) archiving, saving data in data processing systems

g) prevention and detection of fraud

h) renewing contracts with You

i) carrying out surveys for enhancing FLEET's  quality of service

3.5. In specific cases FLEET may require from You a consent for data processing. You are not obliged to give consent and any given consent can be withdrawn at any time.

4. Type of personal data

4.1. FLEET uses the following personal data:

a) general personal data: name and surname, address, personal identification number, date of birth, gender, fixed and mobile telephone number, email

b) other personal data: data provided by You or a third party prior to, during or after rental agreement, i.e. ID data, account and credit card data, driver's licence data, authorisation for signing and representing and other data necessary for contracting (contract agreement realization)

5. Period of data retention

5.1. FLEET shall delete Your personal data after the rental agreement expires, and at the latest after all legal requirements for data retention expire, except in cases when legal proceedings for enforcement are initiated or if there is a complaint regarding our products or services. In such cases, personal data is retained until all proceedings and activities are completed.

5.2. FLEET can use this data anonymously for analytical or marketing purposes instead of deleting, in which case all information linking back to You is permanently deleted so that no connection can be made.

5.3. Data for which there is no legal period of retention, FLEET will retain for a reasonable time period, keeping in mind the type of data and purpose for which it was originally collected, and will be used exclusively for this purpose during the time of retention.

6. Passing data to third parties

6.1. FLEET may pass your data on to third parties in the following situations:

a) to fulfil legal requirements, passing to courts or other competent authorities, during or for the purpose of instigating any kind of legal proceedings;

b) to protect rights, safety or assets of FLEET;

c) to sign and/or fulfil contracts or process transactions with third parties and agencies through which you made contact with FLEET;

d) to prevent or limit possible damages to FLEET;

e) in other cases if consent from You was obtained.

6.2. FLEET shall in all cases of sharing Your data with third parties forbid the usage of Your data for purposes other than implied in the contract and third parties will be bound by confidentiality of personal data according to GDPR.

7. Your rights

7.1. Right of access to personal data – you are entitled to, either in written form or personally in FLEET's headquarters, request and receive information on personal data regarding You which FLEET is processing, under the condition that your proven identity is established.

7.2. Right to rectify or add to personal data – in cases when your data is incorrect or incomplete, You are entitled to request a rectification or modification, in written form or personally at FLEET's headquarters, by giving a statement and after your proven identity is established. You are liable for providing accurate personal data and should inform FLEET about all relevant changes to personal data (change of name/surname, address…etc.)

7.3. Right to erase personal data – if You prove there is no more need for data processing with respect to the purpose of its collection, such data will be erased only if such an action is not against any rules and regulation. Also, if such data is not processed for analytical purposes, when it is no longer possible, based on personal data, to identify the person the specific data refers too, or if the data is not necessary for fulfilling legal requirements.

7.4. Right to withdraw consent for marketing purposes – you are entitled to, at any given time, withdraw the given consent, in written form or personally at FLEET's headquarters, in which case FLEET will erase all data provided for this purpose.

7.5. Right to complain regarding processing personal data based on FLEET's legitimate interest - You are entitled, at any given moment, to make a complaint, specifying reasons for your interest, in written form or personally at FLEET headquarters). In which case FLEET will inform you whether FLEET's legitimate interests outweigh Yours or personal data should continue to be processed in order to establish, gain or defend legal rights. In this case, data will continue being processed; otherwise, data shall not be used for this purpose.

7.6. Right to complain to a supervisory authority – You are entitled to complain in written form or personally at FLEET's headquarters, as well as to a data protection agency.

7.7. Right to data portability - You are entitled to request, in written form or personally, at FLEET's headquarters transmission of data provided to FLEET on the bases of consent.

7.8. Right to restriction of processing – you are entitled to request in writing or personally at FLEET headquarters, temporary restriction of data processing due to questionable data accuracy. Blocking is necessary in order to verify data validity.  Or when processing is not permitted, and You are against erasing data which  FLEET has no need for, requiring this data for claiming legal rights or in cases when a complaint has been made in compliance with article 7.6 of this statement expecting a confirmation from FLEET regarding whether FLEETS legitimate interests outweigh Yours.

8. Using Cookies

8.1. We use cookies on FLEET websites – www.fleet-rent.com - before saving data for which your consent is required. If consent is not granted, You will still be able to browse the site, only with limited possibilities.

8.2. Cookies are text files, which are placed on your device by the internet provider for the purpose of tracking activities and personalizing settings for Your next visit to the same website.

8.3. We use cookies to offer a richer browsing experience and better functionality of websites. Cookies can be temporary (removed from your device immediately after the web browser is closed, therefore saved only during the visit to that website) and permanent (remain on your device even after the browser is closed). FLEET uses third party cookies for collecting analytical data and analysing site traffic and the use of website. 

8.4. You can change your internet browser settings and cookie preferences at any given moment, so that cookies can be blocked partially or completely. Guidelines can be found on http://www.allaboutcookies.org/manage-cookies/. Note that blocking some type of cookies may have impact on your experience of our website www.fleet-rent.com and the services we are able to offer.